Mickey Rourke: A Tragic Transformation from Boxing Injuries to Botched Plastic Surgery

Mickey Rourke turned to a plastic surgeon to get rid of the consequences of boxing injuries but the result was awful.Not a trace remains of his attractive appearance and hypnotizing sexuality.

The actor turned to a plastic surgeon in the hope of getting rid of the consequences of boxing injuries, however, in his own words, he entrusted the restoration of his appearance to “the wrong guy”

The peak of Mickey’s fame came in 1990, when Zalman King’s erotic film hit “Wild Orchid” was released, where he played along with Carre’s future wife Otis . However, on the wave of incredible success and popularity, both literally went crazy. It is known that frantic fame constantly needs an “adrenaline” boost, and when attention to idols subsides, some cannot stand it and seek thrills by any means.

This is what happened with Rourke and Otis. After the super-successful film, they got married and got hooked on drugs. To get rid of his addiction, Mickey decided to resume his professional boxing career. He successfully practiced this sport in his youth. But, according to one version, he had to quit boxing in the mid-60s due to a severe concussion received during a fight.

Rourke’s return to the ring took place on May 23, 1991 in Florida and was successful: Mickey defeated his opponent in a four-round fight by unanimous decision. Then the actor had seven more fights, winning five of them and drawing in two. And although in three years of performances the Hollywood artist never lost, in some matches he received serious injuries: his nose was deformed from two fractures, his cheekbone was crushed, his lips were broken, his tongue was bitten, four joints on his arm and two ribs were broken, not to mention about numerous facial cuts and concussions.

In parallel with boxing, Rourke continued to actively act in films. But if on the screen the defects of his face were masked by makeup, then in life the consequences of injuries received in battles clearly stood out and did not give the actor peace. And he decided on plastic surgery.

It’s no longer a secret that Mickey Rourke’s plastic surgery is one of the saddest and most tragic stories in Hollywood. After numerous “updates,” the actor turned from a handsome man with an attractive appearance into a monster with a repulsive face. Many operations were unsuccessful, and by 2010 the cult artist had changed almost beyond recognition.

 I did most of the surgeries to get my face in order after boxing. My nose was broken twice in the ring. As a result, five operations were performed on the nose alone, and one on a broken cheekbone. They took cartilage from my ear to restore my nose, and then they did several more operations, since the tissue did not want to take root. It was one of the most painful operations, a real nightmare. But, as you can see, to restore my appearance, I turned to the wrong guy,” admitted Rourke.

In 2012, the famous actor underwent circular facial plastic surgery, which partially restored his recognition. In 2015, he repeated the operation, again changing for the better. By now, Mickey Rourke has managed to correct the consequences of most of the mistakes of plastic surgeons, but not a trace remains of his attractive appearance and hypnotizing sexuality of the late 80s.

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