😮«Absolutely different from father! The appearance of Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner’s 10-year-old boy.»🙄

During the introduction of the NBA All-Star Game lineup in Salt Lake City, Samuel and Ben Affleck made a rare joint public appearance. At first, the little child was shy and appeared uneasy under the spotlight, appearing to keep his hands in his pockets. Ben comforted Samuel by placing a gentle hand on his shoulder. The tiny boy quickly developed confidence and displayed artistic ability, wildly swinging his arms and emotionally expressing himself to the participants.
Ben still has a significant influence on his children from his previous marriage to Jennifer Garner, even if he doesn’t regularly show up in public with them. He goes often to see them and spends a lot of time with them and Jennifer Lopez, his new wife.

Despite divorcing in 2018, Ben and Jennifer Garner have managed to prioritize the needs of their kids. Their commitment to co-parenting is evident, as they support and raise their children together.
Ben’s favorite thing to do with Samuel is to go to athletic events, especially baseball games, which both father and son love. He used to put Samuel on his shoulders until he was eight years old so the child could have a better view of the game. Because of Samuel’s increasing love for baseball, Ben enthusiastically trains him in the sport and teaches him useful pitching skills.

Jennifer Garner does bring up the fact that Ben may become a bit too animated at times and yell commands unnecessarily loudly, but it’s clear that his motivations stem from wanting to be a supportive and active parent.

It was evident that Ben was a devoted parent when he took Jennifer Lopez and Samuel to an automobile showroom the previous year. He let Samuel drive a Lamborghini to give him a sense of maturity, but after an inadvertent bump with a neighboring BMW, the child lost confidence. After swiftly comforting his child, Ben took charge of the situation with the dealership manager and made sure that everything was resolved peacefully.

Prioritizing his time with Jennifer Garner and her children, Ben was recently observed out on a stroll with them. He sits down at Samuel’s eye level and stresses the importance of maintaining a strong relationship with his kids even after their divorce. Ben Affleck still feels strongly about providing his kids with a loving and supportive environment, since he is an engaged and present father.

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