Fans harshly criticize Paris Hilton for treating her own children: what happened this time

Fans criticized Paris Hilton as her actions towards her children were seen as overly harsh and inappropriate. What happened this time and what did she do?

Paris Hilton is diligently trying to prove to fans that she has long since replaced the image of a spoiled socialite with the role of a caring mother of two angels. It turns out, in general, quite successfully, but with some variability. No, no, and there will be a reason to criticize celebrities for their treatment of their own children – one-year-old Phoenix and five-month-old London. A recent video on Paris’s personal blog provoked heated discussions on the Internet.

The thing is that in the video, Hilton showed how she was taking her children to brunch in honor of Mother’s Day. At the moment when the shooting was going on, the kids were already sitting in child seats for the car – this became a trigger point for users. They noticed that the star mother had not fastened her seat belts correctly, which put the heirs at risk. Fans decided that Paris was to blame for everything and recommended that she hire someone who knew how to actually fasten car seats as soon as possible. “Insanely unsafe. This is wild,” “Baby… Like mom to mom, let me help you with these belts. I just completed the course. Let’s keep the kids as safe as possible.” “I definitely recommend seeing a professional about this issue.” “She doesn’t look like her mom. Something is clearly missing,” users spoke harshly.

However, we should not forget that Paris often becomes a victim of ill-wishers on the Internet and the haters do not need much reason. We are sure that the children arrived at the holiday dinner safely, but Hilton’s self-esteem, which is trying to protect the kids from public attacks, was clearly affected by such comments.

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