The restoration of a demolished residence

From ruins to renaissance: This incredible restoration project has breathed new life into a once-demolished residence. Check out the amazing before-and-after photos in the comments 

Abby and Trey Brothers, a married couple looking for a new house, had no idea they’d end up refurbishing an ancient, decrepit mansion. After deciding to pursue a new passion project in 2018, they began transforming a derelict structure into a delightful family home.

“It was so overgrown, you couldn’t get into the house,” Abby recounts. With grass as tall as Trey, the previous owner had built up a narrow path to the entrance of the property, but the home need some significant maintenance.

While reviving the old structure was no easy undertaking, the benefits were obvious. The pair discovered a house hidden behind dense plants and greenery, making it difficult to see from the road.Nature had totally taken over and broken through within the main framework.

The original brickwork has likewise deteriorated over time. The house was ready to be condemned and needed some major love.This required restoring the exterior and resetting the chimney.Hiring professionals to undertake the work, they had to basically rebuild the chimney because the mortar had fallen away, making it the largest project outside.

Today, the exterior is unrecognizable. A gravel driveway has replaced the previous rubble and dirt. The pair plans to clear additional space around a historic willow oak tree on their eight-acre property.

The Page Mansion, like other old buildings, lacked insulation. A real brick home with no insulation was a must-have for the couple. “We lost square footage by adding in insulation and then drywall on top,” Abby explains.

However, with a home spanning over 6,000 square feet, there is still plenty of space!

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