«When Linda married the 17-year-old, she was 52. 😱How is the pair doing eighteen years later?»🙄

Linda and Jay met at the workplace. 52-year-old Linda and her 17-year-old partner were employed by the juvenile institution. Linda is appreciative of Jay and her many interests in movies, books, and pastimes. Despite their clear age gap, the young man begged Linda to approve of his proposal to his coworker.

To the public’s fury, the couple soon got into a legal marriage. Internet users expressed their disapproval of the couple’s images in the comments section, writing, “She was old enough to be your grandma.” Linda and Jay celebrated their 18th wedding anniversary not too long ago. Despite the ironic remarks, the pair managed to form a close relationship.

Even though they don’t have kids, Jay and Linda are content with their union and don’t want to end it.

Recently, Linda gave up several things. Even though she is blind and needs a wheelchair, the woman still believes in her companion. Linda claims that Jay has never looked back on his choice.

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