🔥«New, Passionate And Hot Photos Of Shakira and Her Lover! 💣She Began An Encounter With Lucien Laviscount, The Actor From “Emily In Paris”!»

Shakira, a musician from Colombia, is gaining attention both on and off the stage. Rumors of a romantic relationship between the 47-year-old and a much younger co-star surfaced when they appeared together in a seductive music video. Shakira allegedly has her sights set on 16-year-old British actor Lucien Laviscount. In the music video for her song “Punteria,” he portrays a wounded centaur who is enthralled by her persona. The sensuality of the video encouraged rumors that their on-screen relationship extended beyond it.

After an unexpected performance in Times Square, New York City, that gathered more than 40,000 people, Shakira was seen dining romantically with Laviscount. Shakira wore a stylish black outfit, while Laviscount dressed more casually in a complementary color palette.

Laviscount, who started modeling at the young age of ten, has also achieved success in movies and television. His most well-known part is that of Alfie in the hit Netflix series “Emily in Paris.” It’s interesting to note that Laviscount appears to prefer older companions. He dated Kerry Katona, a former Atomic Kitten singer who was 31 when they first connected on the reality show “Celebrity Big Brother,” before his alleged relationship with Shakira.

Shakira’s previous relationship was with Spanish football player Gerard Piqué for a long time. Tragically, their love story came to an end in June 2022, mirroring Shakira’s popular song “Waka Waka.” Together, they have two boys. Shakira remains prominent due to her experiences as a single mother and her recent romance with Laviscount.

If this supposed affair turns into something more, only time will tell.

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