Janae and Tucker McCormick: Transforming Their RV, One Room at a Time

Explore how the adventurous couple built a home in a car. Now they are renovating it infusing personality into every corner. You would never see such a cozy mobile house anywhere!!

Janae and Tucker McCormick are an adventurous couple exploring the US in their Keystone Montana Fifth Wheel.

In addition to managing their RV-themed blog, Adventures With Tucknae, and amassing an online community of over 30,000 fellow travelers, they are gradually renovating their mobile home.

While living and traveling in their RV, the couple, adept with social media, are gradually refurbishing their motorhome. Their most significant project so far is the impressive kitchen makeover.

Despite its practical size for a motorhome, complete with a kitchen island, the kitchen lacked personality and character. The ‘greige’ color scheme was monotonous and uninspiring.

A pale green rain jacket, bought during a trip to Iceland, served as the color inspiration for Janae and Tucker’s kitchen renovation. They used this lovely shade to paint the kitchen island and lower cabinets.

The upper cabinets were painted a light grey, blending seamlessly into the kitchen backdrop. This two-tone approach enhances the sense of space in the compact area. A wooden frame, along with new black handles and fixtures, adds a touch of farmhouse style, creating a look that’s both modern and playful.

Janae infused her RV bedroom with personality by opting for a pillar box red color theme. She applied fresh coats of grey and red paint to the walls and cabinets, and added homemade curtains to complement the striking red and black checkered bed linen.

Janae’s top tip: peel-and-stick wallpaper is a great choice if you want to refresh the look without impacting the RV’s value. “I decided to go bold with the red accents in my 5th wheel bedroom makeover, and I love how it turned out!” says Janae.

Janae and Tucker’s bathroom update demonstrates that it’s achievable to create a cosy and inviting atmosphere in an RV without resorting to extensive renovations.

They injected personality into the space by painting the cabinets and doors and upgrading the medicine cabinet. Red storage baskets and a matching plant pot were introduced to carry the red theme throughout the RV. Sharing on her Instagram page, Janae mentions, “We decided to extend the red from the bedroom, and I’m loving the bursts of color in here too!”

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