A breathtaking transformation: before and after the renovation of a dilapidated Victorian fixer-upper.

Prepare to be amazed by the jaw-dropping metamorphosis! 🏡 From crumbling to captivating: due to the new owners, the once-dilapidated  house revives leaving the neighbours in-awe. 

For over two decades, a husband and wife duo have been dedicated to restoring old homes. Initially balancing other professions—a bridal salon for Laine and an advertising agency for Kevin—home restoration became their paramount passion.

Termed “home rehabilitation” by the couple, they are also committed to educating others about the restoration process. “For both of us, restoration is our love and our passion,” shares Laine.

Hailing from Conway, Arkansas, Laine reminisces about passing by the captivating Victorian house during her school days. “I never saw a living breathing soul around the house, so I didn’t even know if anybody lived there,” she recalls.

With their own 1933 colonial revival nearby, the couple frequently drove past the neglected home, envisioning it as their ultimate fixer-upper project.

In 2011, their dream became a reality when the house went on the market, and they seized the opportunity.

Years of dedicated effort and meticulous renovations have completely transformed the once-dilapidated home, affectionately dubbed ‘Scottie’, beyond recognition. The exterior has undergone a remarkable overhaul, evolving from a dilapidated structure into a charming pale blue masterpiece, while the interior is equally magnificent.

Now see some before-after photos from the interior:




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