“From Burden to Beauty: The Vibrant RV Transformation by Catherine Hooper”

Discover the stunning RV makeover: instead of getting rid of the old burdon, the couple breathed new life into it, making it a mobile house. Witness the remarkable transformation that proves home truly is where you park it.

When Kristen and Phil found themselves with a vintage RV left on their co-owned property, it seemed like an unwanted burden. However, with the expertise of Catherine Hooper, the owner and founder of iSPY Home Design, it quickly transformed into a hidden gem.

The RV’s original interior was dreary and outdated, but after stripping away the old upholstery, Catherine saw the potential for a vibrant makeover. Departing from the typical modern minimalist style, she opted for a mid-century Mad Men maximalist aesthetic, creating a unique and eclectic space.


Using mostly second-hand items, Catherine turned the main living area into a retro-cozy office and lounge space. Deep-toned walls complement teal and gold silhouette print wallpaper, while plush velvet curtains conceal the driver’s cabin, adding to the cozy ambiance.

A standout feature is the copper-tiled ceiling, which not only adds a luxurious touch but also enhances the feeling of spaciousness. In the bedroom, a refreshing color palette of turquoise, white, and yellow transforms the space, with fitted storage updated in aquamarine and shiny gold handles.


To capture the spirit of the Counterculture Movement of the 60s and 70s, Catherine added small touches like a miniature jukebox and vintage artwork. Even the tiny bathroom received a makeover, with sunshine-yellow paint brightening up the space, and the sink refreshed with Rust-Oluem’s Tub & Tile paint to match the vibrant theme.

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