It became known how many years Tom Cruise did not see his daughter from Katie Holmes – you will be surprised

Tom Cruise’s private struggle: Revealing the years he spent apart from his daughter with Katie Holmes will leave you stunned. 💔 Know the details about the surprising truth in the comments 

After a grand party on the occasion of Victoria Beckham’s 50th birthday, Tom Cruise, one of the guests of the event, was hit by a wave of hate. It turns out that on the same day, the actor’s daughter from Katie Holmes, Suri, celebrated her coming of age, and the Mission: Impossible star, of course, was not present at her celebration. However, it’s difficult to judge Tom, because Suri herself broke off relations with her dad, and forever. When she turned 18, the girl decided to refuse his financial help, so that nothing would connect them with Cruise anymore – well, except for the last name. Although this probably won’t last long (they say that Suri wants to get rid of his father’s surname).

The Mirror learned that Tom Cruise has missed many of his daughter’s holidays: the man has not seen Suri for more than 10 years. “This is madness!” – the fans say, and it’s impossible to disagree with them. And although during the divorce, Tom and Katie agreed that they were ready to jointly take care of their daughter, despite the fact that Holmes received unilateral custody of Suri, the lack of communication did its job and separated the actor from the child for many years. Even so, Cruz believes it is still possible to be rehabilitated. “Tom feels guilty about missing so much time, but insists he hasn’t completely cut Suri out of his life and gets news about her from time to time,” the publication quoted the insider as saying.

By the way, it is not surprising that Katie Holmes demanded full custody of Suri. Tom Cruise’s children from his marriage to Nicole Kidman , following their father, have been faithful Scientologists for many years, and have completely refused to communicate with their mother due to religious beliefs. Apparently, Katie was afraid that the same fate awaited her. So what is this if not karma?

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