Sophie Turner spoke in detail for the first time about the reasons for her divorce from Joe Jonas: “The worst days of my life”

Breaking her silence: Sophie Turner reveals the truth behind her divorce from Joe Jonas in a candid interview. Join the conversation as she opens up about the toughest days of her life.

The shock news that Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas are getting a divorce has been discussed for several months. The couple made it clear that they would not comment on the breakup, and then insiders revealed that they would not separate peacefully. For a long time, the ex-spouses could not share their common daughters – four-year-old Willa and one-year-old Delphine – and Sophie even stated that Joe stole the heirs. Later, the stars managed to resolve the conflict .

The day before, Sophie finally broke her silence regarding the showdown with Joe. In an interview with British Vogue, the actress admitted that during her divorce she had “the worst days of her life.” Before the court’s decision, the couple agreed on joint custody of their daughters, according to which they had to stay with each parent for two weeks. And Joe allegedly illegally took them with him on tour on the days allotted to Sophie. “I called my lawyer and said, ‘I can’t do this [sue Joe]. I just can’t.’ I was never strong enough to stand up for myself. After two weeks of my torment, the lawyer said that I had to fight for my children,” she recalled.

The actress commented on rumors that she and Joe broke up due to different life positions. The Game of Thrones star, they wrote on the Internet, loves to hang out, and the lead singer of the Jonas Brothers, on the contrary, is a homebody (there is, by the way, another version in which Joe became the main evil). The flood of news made Sophie feel like a terrible mother and reassured herself that the online conversations weren’t actually true. “It seemed to me that I was watching a film about my life, which was not directed and produced by me. It was shocking. “I’m still in shock,” the star shared. In addition, she admitted that she is overly emotional, but there are reasons for this. Sophie has suffered from depression, anxiety and bulimia and has trouble coping with her feelings.

The actress did not reveal the exact reason for the separation, but hinted that she could not come to terms with the fact that she became known as the wife of one of the Jonas brothers. “There was a lot of attention to the group. And we were always called wives. It was something like “plus one”. No, he was not involved in this in any way,” the star explained. The couple’s relationship deteriorated when they moved from Los Angeles to Miami in 2021. Sophie admitted she felt like “a bird in a golden cage” as her friends were far away.

Sophie’s friends helped her cope with anxiety both then and during the divorce. Most of all – Taylor Swift, who sheltered the actress and her daughters in difficult times. In addition, just a few months after the breakup, the star began an affair with Peregrine Pearson. Their relationship turned out to be far from an affair and probably also played a big role in Turner’s “recovery.” “I got married early, and therefore there is a feeling that I don’t know how to just date. It’s new to me and so much fun,” Sophie said. As for Joe, the star speaks well of him. The star is sorry that their breakup turned out to be loud, and the children became participants in the showdown. However, now she is sure: Jonas is an excellent father, and therefore together they can give their daughters the best they can.

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