The daughter of Bruce Willis and Demi Moore revealed an unusual fact about raising a child and admitted that her parents did the same thing

Bruce Willis and Demi Moore’s daughter, Rumer Willis, shared an unusual fact about her parenting approach that mirrors her own upbringing. She reveals the family secret.

The family of seriously ill Bruce Willis unexpectedly became an example of true love and sincere care for each other. When the actor was diagnosed with an incurable disease – frontotemporal dementia, all his relatives, including his ex- and current wives, as well as children from both marriages, rallied to support the “tough nut” in a difficult time. However, this is not surprising: Bruce raised his children in such an atmosphere that hostility in this family is simply not possible. His eldest daughter Rumer from Demi Moore often shares interesting facts about her father and about growing up, and now that the girl herself has become a mother, the topic of raising children has become especially relevant.

Not long ago, Rumer Willis showed how she was breastfeeding her daughter named Luetta. The picture caused a mixed reaction from users, since Rumer appeared naked in it, and they immediately began to criticize the young mother. In a new interview with People, Willis commented on what happened and revealed an unusual detail about her upbringing. She admitted that she did not expect such a reaction from her followers, because she herself grew up in a “bare” house and intends to follow the example of her parents, because this is how you can instill a normal attitude towards the body and breastfeeding as well. “I never grew up in a home where we were ashamed to be naked. I didn’t think I was posting anything crazy,” Rumer said.

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