😪«A guy visited his 90-year-old grandpa and stayed there at night…What happened next may break your heart!»💔


Elderly folks have significantly more life experience than we have. To begin with, they are smart, insightful, and a lot of fun to be around. For the most part, anyhow.

You will laugh out loud at the joke that follows. It’s about a ninety-nine-year-old grandfather and his grandson, who gave him a visit he would never forget.

A guy went to see his grandfather, who was ninety years old, and lived in a very isolated rural area of the state.

After spending the night, his grandfather fed him a breakfast of eggs and bacon.

“Are these plates clean?” he questioned his grandfather, noticing what seemed like a film on his plate.

His grandfather shot back, “Those plates are as clean as cold water can get them, so go ahead and finish your meal.”

Are these plates really that clean? As he consumes the hamburgers his grandfather prepared for lunch that day, he asks again. He noticed what looked like dried egg yolks along the edge of his plate and tiny granules surrounding it.

Without looking up from his cheeseburger, the grandpa answers, “I told you before; those dishes are as clean as cold water can make them.” Now please quit bringing it up when you talk to me.

Later that afternoon, he departed for supper in a nearby town. As his grandfather’s dog started to growl and block his path, he remarked, “Grandfather, your dog won’t let me out.”

“Cold Water, go lay down!” his grandfather screamed, without taking his eyes off the football game he was watching on television.

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