🤔«Because of her attractive appearance, a girl was unable to get a good job. What solution did she find?»😮

A common belief is that beauty is accessible to everyone. But this girl, the subject of our tale today, has quite a different perspective.
This 33-year-old London-born Russian lady wanted to start her own company. Her only goal was to sell clothing. But due to how she looked, she ran into some issues.
Irina is the name of the lady. She said that her good looks were the exact reason her career collapsed. She says that attractive women can’t be taken seriously by male managers.

The girl decided to wear glasses, give up heels, and recolor her hair in an attempt to improve her chances of landing a job.
Just after I dyed my hair a different color, I was able to get employment. I began to receive more employment offers. Despite having great vision, I choose to wear clear glasses. Irina stated, “It kind of gives professionalism.”

Irina also stopped wearing a lot of makeup. She feels that her facial traits speak for themselves and that dramatic makeup is unnecessary. You can’t help but draw attention if you have large, gorgeous eyes and full lips. Irina believes that businesses wish for uniformity in appearance among employees. Everybody ought to have children and a mortgage. He felt that Irina was too remarkable.

A young woman described one of her several job interviews.
The girl felt that quitting her job and starting an internet store would be the best course of action due to her bosses’ hostility toward her.

And that’s exactly what she did. She was selling antique clothing there.

Do you believe that being attractive might hinder your ability to land a decent job?

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