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Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex, posted a heartfelt remembrance of her close friend Oli Juste on the Mayhew animal welfare organization’s website.
Juste died on January 15, 2022. After Meghan and Prince Harry were married in 2019, he exposed her to the work of the Mayhew, the charity she decided to support as a royal patron. Animals were a passion for both him and Meghan.She said she would continue to support the charity’s efforts on behalf of animals in need even if her contract with them expired earlier this year.
Oli Juste was a leading dog trainer and animal behavior specialist in Britain. Thanks to his debut on Channel 4’s Puppy School, he is well-known to a large audience. A Dog’s Best Friend, the podcast he presented, included a range of guests who shared his enthusiasm for enhancing the quality of life for our four-legged companions.

Many others just learned of the awful news shortly after Markle’s tweet, even though Oli passed suddenly four months earlier. Every day and every week, there were fresh developments, and Oli and I would discuss them and consider what we might do. How else can we help? Meghan wrote, “Look at the amazing work they are still doing.”
In his honor, we will create the Oli Juste wing at Mayhew, which will house animals temporarily who might have trouble finding permanent homes.
“Because, like Oli, they are loved forever and will never be forgotten.”

On Instagram, a large number of individuals who knew Oli well—in person, on social media, or television—left condolence messages.
He and Meghan were not just colleagues, but also close friends.
“Oh, Oli, this is distressing to hear, and it happened today alone. “You were such a nice, sweet person, and so much fun,” said one person. That I’m reading this now is astounding. Today I was enjoying Beverley Knight’s podcast on Oli’s channel. “I’m fairly new to his podcasts, but I love them and have recommended them to so many people,” said a different commenter.

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