Kim Kardashian, who appeared at the Met Gala with an unnaturally thin waist, showed behind-the-scenes footage – fans are horrified

Behind the scenes at the Met Gala: Kim Kardashian’s unnaturally thin waist has fans in shock. 😱✨ Now see exclusive photos behind the scenes which will amaze you!!

When you see the celebrity’s thin waist at the Met Gala, you can’t help but wonder if Kim had her lower ribs removed? And if the star had already revealed the secret of the “grandmother’s” sweater in detail , the ability to breathe in a super-narrow corset continued to cause bewilderment even after her explanation . Kardashian admitted that she spent a whole “training” day learning to breathe in a horribly tight corset. Finally, the celebrity revealed all the secrets of the extravagant outfit and shared footage of her preparations for the red carpet. Everything turned out to be even worse than fans could have imagined.

The most surprising thing is the shoes, or rather, the complete absence of heels. It didn’t seem to you – they really don’t exist, and Photoshop has nothing to do with it. This was a conscious decision: such a sacrifice had to be made so that the pins would not get tangled in the metal elements of the designer dress. The photographs show that the star was not immediately able to maintain her balance – she was carefully held by those accompanying her. In general, the exit turned into a real test, but what can you do for a spectacular image!

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