😳«Millions of individuals see a woman’s “dental metamorphosis,” yet some identify an issue.»😍

As more people upload old photos of themselves on social media before revealing their current look, videos like “Glow Up” and “Transformation” are growing in popularity.

It would be difficult to stand out with so many videos being posted, but one woman’s film has received over 15 million views on TikTok after she revealed her drastic “new look.”

The online phenomenon currently referred to as “going viral” began with Jaqueline Alarco’s teeth, which had been transformed from a set of crooked, overlapping teeth that protruded from her mouth to a set of flawless whites that most people can only aspire to achieve.

“Before and after I married a dental surgeon,” she added in the video’s caption.

The Brazilian Jaqueline has 15,000 Instagram followers and over 151,000 TikTok followers. Following the transformation, a lot of people shared the video and were taken aback.

In addition to being widely distributed, the movie was viewed by millions upon millions of people and had over 10,000 comments.

Some individuals were left stunned, and one of them wrote, “Wow! It pleases me that he could assist you with that.

Another person said, “Oh, that’s a light-up!”

Cosmetic surgeons and other beauty experts even shared it on social media to show their appreciation for the work, according to News.com.au.

Many stated that such a shift was “impossible,” and once more and more people viewed Jaqueline’s film, others came forward to speculate that the metamorphosis could have been faked.

And as it turned out, their doubts were well-founded from the beginning.

Following the “transformation metaphysics”‘s surge in fame on the internet, Jaqueline has disclosed that she used artificial teeth to jokingly fake it.

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