A disabled boy’s powerful performance of Eminem’s hit has taken the internet by storm! 🎤🔥 Witness the incredible talent and determination that left everyone in awe.

A boy named Sparsh Shah from New Jersey, America, has very fragile bones. From birth. This disease is genetic. It does not allow the boy to grow. Sparsh is wheelchair bound.

He cannot run down the street, play sports, or even get out of his wheelchair. During his life, he already had 125 bone fractures.

But the 12-year-old became a global sensation when he performed a cover of King of Hip-Hop Eminem’s “Ain’t Afraid.” The young musician dreams of one day singing a duet with a celebrity.

The serious illness did not dampen the moral strength of the eighth-grader. He found joy in music. I have already composed ten songs. Eminem’s hit, processed in the style of Indian folklore, was viewed on video by more than 2 million people. And this number is growing.

At the same time, the young composer cannot play any musical instrument. He might break his fingers. So Sparsh Shah took into use not a synthesizer, but a tablet.

Shah is called the crystal boy online. We would call him gold – in terms of talent and fortitude.

Sparsh once said that if his example helps even one person change his life, he will be happy.

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