Netizens admired the latest photos of 69-year-old Kevin Costner: “Still hot”

Kevin Costner at 69: Netizens are in awe of his latest photos, proving he’s still got it! 🔥📸 Check out the timeless charm and ageless appeal of this Hollywood icon.

Kevin Costner went to conquer Cannes with his next western, Horizons: An American Saga. Ahead of the premiere, the 69-year-old Oscar winner appeared at Friday’s Chopard Trophy dinner and impressed even the most stern Internet users.

“Someone came out of a recent divorce in better shape than ever,” “Looks great,” “He’s like fine wine, getting better with age,” “Still hot,” Daily Mail readers admire.

Some suspected the “Bodyguard” star of “enhancing” and now thank his talented plastic surgeon with all his might. However, there was a simpler explanation: “In general, I’m not a big fan of mustaches, but this case is definitely an exception.” It seems that many actors can envy Costner: for example, Zac Efron, after he grew a mustache, was compared to a drug lord and serial killer .

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