«Such handsome guy!😍 Alicia Silverstone Flaunted Her 12-Year-Old Son While on a Costa Rican Vacation!»

A sneak peek of actress Alicia Silverstone’s Costa Rican vacation with her 12-year-old son, Bear Blu Jarecki, was recently shared with fans. The mother-son pair was shown in the pictures going on a variety of adventures, such as visiting a coffee plantation at a high altitude and cooling off at a waterfall.

Alicia mentioned that in addition to having a great time, they also enjoyed some delectable local food and thrilling white-water rafting on their journey. As many remarked on the touching pictures, some made light of the fact that Bear had already outgrown his mother.

Silverstone’s parenting approach has already drawn notice, especially her choice to share a bed with her kid. She freely talked about her decision in 2022, seeing it as a logical progression of human nature.

Bear is shared by the actress and her former spouse, Christopher Jarecki. Even though their marriage ended in 2018, they get along well as co-parents.

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