«The World’s Shortest Man Weighs Just 13 Pounds:😳 How Does the Man Appear and What Does He Do?»🤔 

Afshin Ismail Ghaderzadeh was born in Iran twenty years ago, weighing only two pounds at birth. He now weighs 13 pounds and is 2600 inches tall, only 3 inches less than the previous male record holder, Colombian Edward Hernandez.

Afshin struggled because of a condition that prevented him from going to school, but he has only lately picked up reading and writing. Afshin, who had always wanted to become a builder like his father, took comfort in realizing another dream—traveling to Dubai and seeing the highest structure on the planet.

Even though Afshin can roam about on his own, his parents always travel with him because they are worried about his safety in case he encounters people or animals that may pose a threat.

After getting inducted into the Guinness Book of World Records and becoming somewhat of a celebrity, Afshin’s life took an incredible turn. With his literacy issues, Afshin has now recruited the assistance of others to maintain his online profile as he aspires to become a social media influencer.

Despite the challenges he encounters, Afshin is tenacious and resilient, and he is ready to leave his mark on the digital world.

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