From homeless to Harvard: All students teased this man for being poor, but what he did made everyone speechless 📚🏆 Discover the inspiring story in the comments

As sad as it is to admit, children can sometimes be quite cruel. Richard Jenkins from Philadelphia (USA) experienced this himself. The boy was homeless, and he worked so hard in his classes and extended his hand that the schoolchildren nicknamed him “Harvard.” But he had a very difficult fate behind him, and discipline and determination did not allow him to give up.

He knew that in order to achieve something in life, he needed to get a good education. And ironically, it seems that it was the mocking nickname that determined the vector of his movement.

Richard Jenkins was able to attend Harvard University on a full scholarship, and his story is inspiring.

When Richard was in 6th grade, his family lost their house, which was foreclosed on. With two brothers, he wandered from state to state to different shelters.

Having become homeless, the boy realized that he needed to get a good education so that he and his family could live a normal life.

The boy struggled with stress and headaches. The father had a heart attack. In eighth grade, Richard was hospitalized. It seemed that everything in the world was against him, but he was not going to give up and decided to fight to the end.

In 11th grade, Richard entered Girard College, a boarding school for gifted children from needy families. He studied hard and got high grades.

The end of the last school year was approaching, and Richard sent documents to various educational institutions. The young man flipped through the tabs of university websites, checking for updates. He was waitlisted at the University of Pennsylvania, but Yale turned him down. The guy was sure that the same thing would happen at Harvard.

Richard applied to various universities. and imagine his surprise when the answer came from Harvard: “Welcome!”


Richard admits that he was so happy that he could not hold back his tears. The years of work were not in vain, and the school nickname justified itself in the best possible way. He graduated with honors and was accepted to Harvard on a full scholarship. The guy plans to study information technology there and pay special attention to artificial intelligence.

And Richard’s godfather created a crowdfunding project to raise money to support the talented guy.


The funds are planned to be spent on things such as clothes and a tablet where he would store e-books. The collection page states that this motivated young man is making his own way and is worthy of the award.

Richard’s story is so inspiring that I invite him to various TV channels, where he gives interviews, shares his experience and gives advice.


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