Ben Affleck made it clear what is happening in his marriage with Jennifer Lopez: fans are discussing a disturbing detail in the actor’s new photos

Ben Affleck opens up about his marriage with Jennifer Lopez, but fans are buzzing about a troubling detail in his latest photos. 📸💔 Dive into the discussion and uncover what’s really happening.

Rumors about Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez’s divorce seem more and more plausible every day. There are many reasons for concern: the spouses have not seen each other for several months, do not live together and, according to insiders, are actively looking for a “bachelor” living space.

Moreover, Affleck appears to have taken off his wedding ring. For the first time, without a symbol of feelings and obligations to J. Lo, the actor was noticed on May 17, when he left the house in Brentwood, where he was temporarily staying. Ben decided to adjust the mirror in the car – that’s when the paparazzi noticed that he no longer had a wedding ring on his finger.

One might think that this was an accident, but history repeated itself. A little later, Affleck was again photographed without a wedding ring as he drove to meet his ex-wife Jennifer Garner and 15-year-old daughter Violet. This time, the actor himself made a fatal mistake (or did he deliberately send out a distress signal?) – he stuck his hand out of the window and demonstrated the absence of an elaborate decoration.

Netizens have no doubt that this is the end. “JLo thought she could control him, and Ben gave in to temptation. He clearly wants to leave and is trying to show it,” “Lopez added another “diamond” to her collection. Next!”, “She needs not to rush headlong into a new relationship, but to understand herself and realize that it’s not about men, but about herself,” say Daily Mail readers. Well, we just continue to watch our hands – we are sure that now all the attention of the paparazzi will be focused on Jennifer’s ring finger.
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