Netizens are discussing the rare appearance of Vincent Cassel and Nara Baptista, who is 30 years younger than the actor: “Father and Daughter”

Netizens are buzzing about the rare appearance of Vincent Cassel with Nara Baptista, who is 30 years his junior. The father-daughter-like duo has sparked quite a discussion! 👨‍👧

During the six months of her relationship with the French actor, Nara Baptista received as much criticism as she had not heard in all her 27 years. Before the model changed her image , fans of Vincent Cassel compared her with Tina Kunaki, his former passion. At the same time, haters were outraged by the age difference: the actor, let us remind you, will turn 58 this year. Meanwhile, lovers ignore any mention of themselves – they post joint photos on social networks and even began to go out more often.

The last time the couple appeared in front of photographers was a couple of days ago – at the “Women in Cinema” event, which was held as part of the Red Sea International Film Festival in France. Nara was probably at such an event for the first time, and therefore did her best with the image. Vincent is not new to the industry, and therefore limited himself to timeless classics. However, one detail of the couple’s fans was pleasantly surprised: under the suit the actor was wearing a pink shirt, in the same shade as his companion’s dress.

This, however, is the only neutral comment that the lovers received from the public. Most tabloid readers were left angry: “Vincent has aged and looks like her dad,” “Father and daughter, no less,” “Does he really want to start a family with her? Their poor unborn children,” “I condemn the old father and young mother.”

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