What is happening to Britney Spears’ mental health and why her loved ones are urgently demanding that guardianship over the singer be renewed

What’s happening with Britney Spears’ mental health? Loved ones are urgently calling for the renewal of her guardianship. 😟 Dive into the concerns and the latest updates on the pop star’s well-being.

There is no point in denying that Britney Spears has serious health problems. No matter how happy fans may be that the singer has finally gotten out of her father’s care and is living a free, happy life, all signs point to the fact that over the past couple of years the pop diva has become noticeably worse. At the moment, the situation is so critical that Britney could harm herself and her loved ones. TMZ found out what led to this.

Several sources close to Britney assured that since Spears became free, she has slowly but surely brought her own health into decline. No one supervised the intake of medications necessary for her normal well-being, and in addition, she began to drink alcohol and all kinds of psychotropic substances. Now the singer experiences sudden mood swings and outbursts of anger, often ending in physical violence. Some insiders say that it is sometimes impossible to communicate with her, because Britney is unable to conduct a rational conversation. However, this, they say, is not the worst thing.

Britney’s current boyfriend Paul Soliz, who enjoys an unenviable reputation, completely controls her home and life. By the way, the recent public scandal with the fight that Britney Spears got into is connected with him. The singer’s relatives are sure that refusing guardianship was a huge mistake and, most likely, they should have simply changed the guardian, since trust in the father was lost.

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