Celebrities’ childhood houses before they became famous

From humble beginnings to stardom: Take a look at celebrities’ childhood homes before they became famous! 🏡✨ See where these stars started their journeys.

While they now own some of the world’s most lavish property portfolios, these superstars had shockingly humble beginnings. Explore the childhood homes of Hollywood’s biggest stars, including Elvis, Judy Garland, Taylor Swift, and Beyoncé, and see how far they’ve gone.

Kevin Bacon’s Red Brick Townhouse

Before making his big break in the famous 80s Hollywood film Footloose, American actor Kevin Bacon grew up in this red-brick townhouse in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The regal property was built in 1912, making it nearly a century old. Let us take a look around.

Ye’s humble childhood home

Before living in a $20 million (£16.1 million) mega-mansion in Hidden Hills or owning a rural ranch in Wyoming, Kanye West, now officially known as Ye, spent his days in this modest timber home in Chicago’s South Shore neighborhood. It’s a location that the musician has spoken about in several songs.

Angelina Jolie’s Midcentury Retreat

Angelina Jolie, an Academy Award-winning star, grew up at The Whitney House, a stylish mid-century modern mansion. The characterful property, located in beautiful Palisades, New York, is about 20 miles from midtown Manhattan and equally as fashionable as the woman…

Madonna’s teenage home in the suburbs of Detroit.

While the ‘Material Girl’ singer now owns some fantastic luxury houses in London and Hollywood, Madonna began her life in far more humble circumstances. She was born in Bay City, Michigan, and spent some of her formative adolescent years in this quaint detached house in Detroit’s suburbs.

Marlon Brando’s Historic Omaha Home

Marlon Brando lived in this humble residence in Omaha, Nebraska, long before The Godfather and On the Waterfront elevated him to legendary status. Born in 1924, the former Hollywood star spent many of his early years in this weatherboard mansion.

Elvis Presley’s modest Mississippi birthplace.

This simple timber bungalow, which is now somewhat of a superfan shrine, was the birthplace of iconic rock ‘n’ roller Elvis Presley.

Taylor Swift’s Childhood Mansion

According to Realtor, Taylor Swift’s stunning childhood house sold for $799,500 (£641.7k) in 2013, a low price given the property’s size and attractiveness.

Beyoncé’s stunning family house

It’s certainly no surprise to learn that the Queen of Pop grew up in a picture-perfect family home in Houston, Texas. Beyoncé Giselle Knowles was born on September 4, 1981, and resided in this lovely brick home until she was five years old. In 2018, the lovely property went on the market for $500,000 (£401.3k), providing hungry fans with a fascinating view into the home where the ‘Single Ladies’ singer spent her early years.

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