🔥«Christina Aguilera, who had shed half of her body weight, posted pictures of herself wearing transparent underwear!»😮

Christina Aguilera battled body image issues and yo-yo dieting for years until ultimately realizing her long-held desire in 2023: a major weight drop. After the birth of her son Max in 2008, the singer started gaining weight. Long-lasting results were elusive even after working with credible fitness coaches and dietitians.

Due to the detrimental effects of her weight issues on her mental health, Aguilera experienced depression and withdrew from the music industry. But 2023 was a watershed year. The singer lost a lot of weight, and her transformation—which brought back memories of her trim figure from the early 2000s—astonished admirers.

Although some have conjectured that Aguilera uses diet pills, she appears to be genuinely content and self-assured.

With a bold makeup look and casual haircut, Aguilera now embraces her figure, leaving behind her self-consciousness from before.

This change suggests that Aguilera could make a return. Her latest performances have shown a newfound vigor and commitment, indicating that she is prepared to take back her place in the music business.














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