😯«Monica Bellucci is Marrying:💍She is Wearing a ring on her finger, was surreptitiously filmed while out on a date!»

Rumors of an upcoming wedding were aroused when Tim Burton and Monica Bellucci, a couple in love, were seen having a nice lunch together in Rome.

The couple has maintained a low profile during their courtship since going public with their love in June 2023. Still, the photographers were able to snap a few adorable moments as they were eating lunch on a lavish hotel balcony.

Fans went crazy when Bellucci, who was stunning as always, showed off a huge diamond ring on her finger. Rumors of an impending wedding were circulating on social media.

Bellucci raved about Burton in a recent interview, referring to him as the “man I always dreamed of” and a “marvelous spirit.” Although Burton doesn’t say much in public, his loving gestures for Bellucci reveal a lot about his sentiments.

Vincent Cassel, Bellucci’s ex-husband, seems to be juggling a more complicated personal life in the meantime. He’s been connected to 27-year-old Nara Baptista after his breakup with model Tina Kunaki, but there’s no sign of a serious relationship.






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