Fans are sure that Hailey Bieber’s pregnancy is a “business deal” with Justin, and the spouses cannot avoid separation

Is Hailey Bieber’s pregnancy a business deal with Justin?? Separation might be inevitable. 🤔💔 The singer reveals the truth . ..

Rumors about serious problems in the marriage of Justin and Hailey Bieber have been replaced by talk about the model’s pregnancy . The news that the couple will soon become parents pushed into the background all the hype about a possible divorce and misunderstandings. However, the emotions subsided, and the public returned to their old ways – washing away the details of the family and completely unenviable life of Justin and Hailey.

Now fans are confident that the birth of a child will not be such an obstacle for lovers to get a divorce. It is likely, they say, that the pregnancy is some kind of business deal, which will make it much easier for Hailey to leave Justin without being left without his financial support. This slightly crazy theory is connected to another one, according to which all that binds the Biebers is money, and without it the singer is not needed by his wife at all. It is also possible that Justin, with all his mental problems (they say, after returning to the stage, his mental state worsened ) will simply get boring for the girl when a “second child” appears in the house.

Fan theories are sometimes scary how realistic they sound. However, let’s not forget what family Hayley comes from and what last name she had before her marriage. We really doubt that the non-baby from the Baldwin acting dynasty needs money so much that he puts up with a nervous Justin for the sake of it. Moreover, insiders close to the Biebers claim that the couple sincerely believes that the child will help them take their relationship to a new level. This certainly doesn’t look like a prerequisite for divorce.

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