Jason Momoa declassified a new relationship 5 months after his official divorce from Lisa Bonet

Jason Momoa reveals a new relationship just 5 months after his official divorce from Lisa Bonet. 💔💑 Get the scoop on his fresh start and who’s captured his heart.

In January of this year, Jason Momoa and Lisa Bonet finally ended their relationship by officially filing a divorce. The ex-spouses broke up three years ago, but for some time they tried to save the relationship – as we see, unsuccessfully. Having grieved, the Game of Thrones star found solace in the arms of 32-year-old actress Adria Arjona five months later. And the day before he confirmed their romance with a couple of joint photos on his personal blog. The photos were taken during Momoa’s recent trip to Japan. And in the caption to the post with a photo report from the trip, the actor calls his chosen one “mi amor.” In short, romance!

Adria Arjona has starred in such famous TV series as Narcos, True Detective and Good Omens. By the way, although she is younger than Aquaman’s former chosen one (Lisa Bonet, remember, is 56 years old), she is a little like her. Either Momoa still won’t let go of his ex, or he’s simply loyal to one type when choosing a lover.

This is Momoa’s first relationship since breaking up with Bonet – at least one that he talks about openly. We hope that now he will finally move out of the trailer into an apartment and exchange his sleeping bag for a bed.

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