Jennifer Lopez and Jennifer Garner became closer amid the singer’s divorce from Ben Affleck: details

Jennifer Lopez and Jennifer Garner grow closer amid J.Lo’s divorce from Ben Affleck. 💔❤️ Discover the details behind their unexpected bond and mutual support.

Netizens continue to find signs that Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck are preparing for divorce. The other day, his ex-wife Jennifer Garner showed up at the actor’s house, which he rented allegedly due to problems in his relationship. The man sees her regularly, often on occasions related to their common children, and the singer, fans are sure, cannot stand her. But now, an insider told the Daily Mail, Lopez and Garner are allies: they both fear that Ben will start drinking again amid the divorce.

Lopez, as it turned out, is looking for support from her ex-husband. “JLo trusts Jen because she is one of the few people who understands what the singer is going through right now. And although the circumstances [of the breakup] are different, it is still the same man,” the informant shared. And Garner, in turn, sincerely wants to save the “young marriage” of his “ex”, because he knows: only Lopez is able to keep him under control and prevent him from becoming addicted to alcohol again. “Ben is upset and has no other way to cope with his emotions. Garner’s biggest fear right now is that he will start drinking again – that’s one of the reasons she visits him,” the insider added.

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