😳«When it hatchet from a farmer’s found dark eggs, he was really afraid!»😱

John is an American farmer who possesses a spacious property including a colorful vegetable garden, a blossoming orchard, and a cozy house. In a coop behind his home, John raises chickens, some of which he sells and some of which he uses for his personal needs. This arrangement has been beneficial to him over time, as seen by the rise in agricultural output and self-sufficiency.Now and again, John is accustomed to seeing eggs scattered around his land, especially around the greenhouse where his chickens like to run wild. This was how his free-range chickens generally acted, so there was never a cause for alarm. However, John became aware of something peculiar early in the morning.
A cluster of flawlessly black eggs was discovered by John near the chicken coop. This was unlike anything he had ever seen. The stunning black color of the eggs initially shocked John, but his curiosity won out. He decided to incubate these unique eggs in a warm, dark corner of his barn, just as he would any other chicken egg, since he was interested in them.

After a few days of patient waiting, the eggs began to hatch, revealing their even more astounding contents. John was shocked to see that all of the chicks, including their beaks and feathers, were black. John had never anticipated witnessing this sight; therefore, he was eager to learn more about these rare birds.
It was discovered that the chicks were Ayam Cemani, a rare species identified by their striking all-black appearance. This unique characteristic extends beyond looks and encompasses their internal organs and bones. John learned that the owner of these strange birds was his wealthy neighbor, a breeder of rare breeds. It appeared as though one of his neighbor’s chickens had wandered into John’s property by accident and laid eggs.
The finding of the Ayam Cemani chicks was an exciting event for John, adding mystery and diversity to his agricultural life. This event not only introduced him to a new breed but also strengthened his bond with his neighbor and started discussions about potential future collaborations.
The appearance of these black chicks was a lovely exception that reminded us of the endless mysteries of nature, even though surprises were nothing new on John’s farm.

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