A video of a father parodying his newborn daughter has nearly 50 million views.

Really funny! A father’s hilarious parody of his newborn daughter has gone viral with nearly 50 million views! 😂👶 Watch the adorable and funny video that’s capturing hearts worldwide. 

The hero of this sensational video is a blogger named Josh. His hobby is shooting short humorous videos, which he shares with his followers on Instagram and Facebook. That’s not to say he’s hugely popular, but he recently discovered the secret to explosive videos that resonate far beyond his target audience. At the same time, the secret was very close.

It turned out to be his infant daughter. A short video of 14 seconds, where the girl smiles sweetly, has already been watched by more than 9 million people. About 47 thousand users left their comments.

But the video in which Josh makes faces at his daughter has already collected more than 48 million views!

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