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Karina, who is 27 years old, struggles to move about because of her weight, which has surpassed 300 kg. Karina doesn’t have a life-threatening condition, but her weight has kept her largely indoors and rarely outside.
When she was diagnosed with asthma as a youngster, her battle with weight started. Karina had many hospital visits as a small kid, and her parents did a fantastic job of taking care of their other children as well as her medical requirements. Karina’s weight increased even though her health problems got better with age.

Karina remembers her early years as being defined by the emotional hole that food filled in her life and her mother’s absence from home owing to job obligations.

Food became a comfort when maternal comfort was scarce, and loneliness became a frequent companion. Karina had an unhealthy connection with food, which led to her weight exceeding the average by the time she was 10 years old. Karina resorted to snacks for consolation because she felt abandoned and needed emotional support; she took comfort in their familiarity. After realizing the negative effects of her eating habits, Karina set out to transform her way of life. She started eating more healthily, choosing veggies over fast meals. She also had a long-standing desire to get gastric surgery since she saw it as a way to end her weight problems.


Karina lost a lot of weight following the procedure, which allowed her to live a fuller life.

Karina’s road toward health and well-being is far from complete, but her willpower and tenacity are evident in her commitment to conquer obesity.

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