“Wow!”: What a girl who weighed 222 kg at age 7 looks like today

Wow, what a transformation! 😲 Discover what the girl who weighed 222 kg at the age of 7 looks like today. Her incredible journey will inspire you.

Jessica Leonard became an American television star at the age of 7. However, nothing good happened to her.

The mother fed the girl to the point that Jessica broke weight records in her age category. At the age of 7, the child began to weigh 222 kg.

Strangely, the girl’s mother does not remember when she began to weigh more than normal. The baby was fed chips, fried potatoes and chicken throughout the day.

The girl could hardly pronounce the words. She could not stand on her feet for more than 5 minutes.

Soon, Jessica was sent to a clinic to combat excess weight and the desire to constantly eat. The baby managed to lose 140 kg! Just imagine, it’s like one grown plump man.

Next, surgeons removed excess loose skin weighing 10 kg. Today Jessica is unrecognizable! See for yourself.

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