Mega positive video: the mustachioed-striped one helped calm a crying baby

Mega positive video: The mustachioed, striped one helped calm a crying baby. 🐱👶 Watch the adorable moment that will warm your heart.

It has long been proven more than once that the best antidepressants are cats. When necessary, they will purr, and when necessary, they will bite to bring you to your senses. Do you know how a tasty bite from a furry pet sobers you up? Sometimes cold water or a slap in the face calms you down better than anything! Cats clearly know more about psychology than we do.

In the video below, a ginger cat tries to calm a crying baby. First, he strokes it with his paw, and then uses a painful technique – biting in all sensitive places. Of course, the bites were not serious, but the child was calmed down instantly!

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