What Ben Affleck’s new house looks like and costs, which he rented amid rumors of a divorce from Jennifer Lopez: photo

Take a look at Ben Affleck’s stunning new house and find out how much it costs amid rumors of his divorce from Jennifer Lopez. 🏡💔 Check out the exclusive photos.

Although rumors about the divorce of Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez continue to grow with all the ensuing consequences, the main confirmation of the star’s breakup and cause for concern, in addition to all kinds of information from insiders, remained the fact that the spouses are now living separately. And the point here is clearly not that the actor is up to his neck in work in California while the singer is preparing for a tour in New York, as celebrity representatives explained before. Why else would Affleck move out of their luxurious home? And he moved out – and now there is no doubt about it, since The Mirror has learned where. Moreover, the publication even published a photo of Ben’s new mansion.

According to the portal, the cost of the “Gone Girl” star’s new home is 100 thousand dollars a month (approximately 9 million in rubles). Not bad, right? However, what is more interesting here is not the price, but the location. It turns out that the mansion is located two blocks from the house of Ben’s ex-wife Jennifer Garner. Apparently, the actor decided to settle closer to the children this time. As soon as this doesn’t develop into something more and he doesn’t want to return to his ex-wife – it’s not for nothing that JLo’s haters have been saying for several months that Affleck is about to – and wants to go back to his family.

Otherwise, of course, everything is quite classic: the territory of the house is 10 thousand square meters. Inside there is a private tennis court, swimming pool, and a cozy backyard. To be clear, the place is quite secluded. In general, you can’t imagine a more ideal home to protect yourself from the hustle and bustle of family problems.

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