«What was the only way to get to the house and how did it look? 😲A photographer who specializes in old abandoned houses came upon a house where time seemed to have stopped still in the last century.»😍😲

Photographer Britt Marie Bye is from Oslo, Norway, and has spent the last several years exploring the world and attempting to capture the spirit of desolate, abandoned homes.
One such lonely residence is located on an island in northern Norway, surrounded by high mountains and close to the icy Norwegian Sea.
Built with an impressive front facing the sea, the abandoned home is located in a fishing community that can only be accessed by boat.

Main door on the side of the residence.

The back of the home, with the entryway and chambers for the servants

This is the canteen, which was abandoned thirty years ago.

Portraits of the home’s owners

Living room furnished with pricey custom pieces




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