«After 16 years of marriage, Rod Stewart has made a noteworthy statement.»😳

Undoubtedly, one of the most well-known vocalists of his time is Rod Stewart. The 78-year-old father is a devoted husband and parent who looks out for both his children and grandkids. He will shortly be extending a warm welcome to a new family member. Continue reading to learn more about it! Having eight of his own, the singer of “Maggie May” is at ease among kids. In addition, the singer just became a grandfather.

Ruby, the fourth of his children, announced the birth of her child on May 9. She and her fiancé, Jake Kalic, share the child. Only a few days after he became a grandpa for the first time, Liam Stewart, 28, and his partner Nicole Ann welcomed their grandson Louie into the world on May 12.

As he shared a series of photos on Instagram, the new parent commented, “Welcome, lad, you American, British, Croatian, Kiwi.”Liam is the child of Rod and Rachel Hunter, who were married from 1990 until 2006. “Welcome, beautiful angel,” the grandma said, according to Hunter. Another commenter was Rod’s current wife, Penny Lancaster, who said, “Congratulations; that’s the look of love.” eager for an embrace. It appears like Rod Stewart is now growing his family.

Rod and Nicole Artukovich’s son Liam has declared his engagement and impending nuptials! The identical photo was posted to each of the couple’s separate Instagram pages along with the words “forever” and the diamond ring emoji to announce the news. Nicole, who recently became engaged, is shown in the photo showing her ring on her fiancé’s chest and giving him a kind look. All of the family members naturally welcomed and celebrated the news with delight. “So magical, congratulations,” Penny Lancaster said, adding a love emoji.

It’s almost time! I love both of you very much! Many congratulations! Rudy, Liam’s sister, made a cheeky comment. Liam’s brother Alastair posted, “1 vibes,” in the comment section. What wonderful news! Congratulations on the continued success of the Stewart family! Best wishes are sent to the young couple on their new journey. Spread the word to your fellow Rod Stewart fans so they may celebrate too.

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