Demi Moore rudely reprimanded an audience member at a gala concert in Cannes and caused public outrage

Demi Moore rudely reprimanded an audience member at a gala concert in Cannes, causing public outrage. 🎤😲 Find out what happened.

It seems that the Cannes Film Festival this year is especially taking its toll on the nerves of the stars who arrived there. Either Kelly Rowland lost her temper and scolded the security officer right on the red carpet, and now Demi Moore… Also, to put it mildly, she couldn’t cope with her emotions and rudely scolded the audience at the gala concert.

The star of “Ghost” was preparing to announce the appearance of singer Cher on stage and spoke about her merits in the most colorful epithets. I didn’t forget about the Oscar and Emmy awards. Having listed all the advantages of 78-year-old Cher, Demi did not find support from the public and, amidst the lukewarm applause, she heard a negative comment from the audience, which immediately infuriated the actress. “Hey, you there in the back of the room, are you an Emmy Award winner? I sure as hell don’t think so,” Moore scolded one of those present.

Fans were completely horrified when they learned about what happened. Of course, they did not take Demi Moore’s side and began to criticize the actress. “Demi Moore should think about how unimportant these merits really are compared to real people,” “When the jesters were given a microphone and they decided that they were better than everyone else. Narcissism knows no bounds”, “Demi showed her true nature”, “It always seemed that there was something cheap about this “Goldman Jane”. Learn some manners, little girl,” wrote angry Internet users.

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