“I’ve been called a cow more than once.” The 50-year-old supermodel, who has doubled in size, was caught by surprise by the paparazzi

📸 ‘I’ve been called a cow more than once’: A 50-year-old supermodel, now twice her size, was unexpectedly caught by the paparazzi. See her powerful response to the criticism.

In the 90s, the name of supermodel Tyra Banks thundered throughout the world. The men were crazy about the dark-skinned competitor Naomi Campbell herself. The other day, the paparazzi caught the 50-year-old supermodel, who had doubled in size, by surprise.

“Yeah, Tyra isn’t the same anymore,” “There’s just one thing I can’t understand. Why did she let herself go like this? After all, she’s still young, she’s not 70 or 80,” “She’s very relaxed,” “You need to keep yourself in shape. We all still have time to grow old,”

“She’s beautiful at any weight,” “But why let yourself go like that? She was a very beautiful woman”, “It’s a pity that she has changed so much”, “She has not changed for the better”, “Sad, of course”,

“She still looks great,” “Beautiful woman. Excess weight doesn’t spoil her,”

“I decided to live for myself,” Internet users write in the comments under Banks’ photos.

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