«The actress who played the tomboy, Pippi Longstocking, is almost 64 years old.😲 How does she seem now?»🤔

An entire generation of kids fell in love with the movie version of Astrid Lindgren’s tale about a feisty redhead with freckles. The choice of an immensely compelling actress for the lead role—who played Pippi Longstocking with unquestionable authenticity—was a major factor in the TV show’s enormous popularity. Let’s see how her life developed and her current appearance.

When Inger Nilsson, a young Swedish girl, beat out 8,000 other applicants to get the part of Pippi Longstocking in a very competitive casting call, her life took an incredible turn. In the adaptation, Pippi lives alone with her animal companions—a horse and a monkey named Mr. Nilsson—in the quirky home “Villa Villekulla.”

Astrid Lindgren’s charming narrative came to life on film thanks to her strong ties with the local youngsters and her energetic and unusual conduct.

When Inger was barely ten years old in 1969, the TV show made its debut.
A Pippi Longstocking frenzy that erupted in Sweden and abroad after its premiere gave rise to three further films, with Inger repeating her famous role.

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