The Internet is discussing new photos of Jennifer Lopez amid rumors of an upcoming divorce from Ben Affleck: “Some strange games”

🔥 The internet is buzzing with new photos of Jennifer Lopez amid swirling rumors of an impending divorce from Ben Affleck. Are they playing some strange games? Check out the latest updates! 👀💔

The relationship between Ben Affleck and J.Lo seems to be of interest to everyone without exception – from ordinary fans of the couple to professional astrologers . Why, even Hollywood realtors are actively fueling rumors about the stars’ imminent divorce!

Naturally, the rumors do not pass by J.Lo herself: at first the singer tried to make do with subtle hints , and then she even boldly answered the reporter’s direct question. Be that as it may, she did not bring clarity to the situation. And her new photos only added fuel to the fire.

Paparazzi caught Lopez on Friday in Los Angeles: the engagement ring is in place, you can finally breathe out in peace. Or not? Netizens found a warning sign in the photo: they are sure that J. Lo tried to hide the jewelry with overly long sleeves.

“Everyone’s belly is in plain sight, but it’s suspicious if you can’t see your favorite ring…”, “It might as well not have been worn at all,” “They’re definitely playing some strange games with us,” “She’ll wear this ring even after the divorce – just so that people ask her about it,” Daily Mail readers discuss.

Speaking of strange games: after the disturbing news about his impending divorce, Ben Affleck was spotted without his wedding ring. And the very next day, as if nothing had happened, he portrayed one half of a happy married couple with his wife. Well, which picture do you want to believe?
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