When your mom is Bellucci, you just can’t look any other way. 19-year-old Deva Cassel was photographed on vacation

When your mom is Monica Bellucci, beauty is in your genes! 🌟 Check out the stunning vacation photos of 19-year-old Deva Cassel, turning heads just like her famous mom.

When your mom is Bellucci, you just can’t look any other way! The paparazzi managed to capture 19-year-old Virgo Cassel on vacation.

At just 19 years old, Monica’s young daughter managed to outshine many world stars at Paris Fashion Week. Virgo is rightfully considered one of the most sought-after young models today.

Random photos of the daughter of the most beautiful couple of the 2000s instantly spread across the Internet. “Well, how beautiful she is,” “She inherited all the best from her mother,” “Could it be otherwise? Virgo has great genes,”

“How nice it is to look at natural beauty”, “Divine Virgin”, “Outshone my mother”, “Youth is beautiful”,

“What beautiful young girls they are,” “An ordinary pretty young girl, no more, no less,” Internet users write under Virgo’s photos.

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