The guy’s body is almost completely covered with tattoos. Let’s see what he was like just five years ago, before he got numerous tattoos and disfigured himself

🎨 Tattoo Transformation! 🤯 See the incredible before-and-after photos of a guy who covered his body with tattoos in just five years. You won’t believe the difference!

At the age of twenty, a guy named Weigelt became interested in body art. The effects of infatuation can be shocking. The young man decorated 95% of his body with various tattoos. He shared photos of himself in his usual form without tattoos with the famous Daily Star newspaper. The man claims that it is already unusual for him to see himself in the past without tattoos, although deep down he understands that he has not changed at all.

The guy emphasized that the process of applying tattoos to the face and cranial area was very painful. “I did six sessions. Each one lasts five and sometimes six hours. If we evaluate the intensity of pain, then I rate it 8 points on a 10-point scale,” says Weigelt.

The young man makes clear the fact that his drawings on his body do not have any special meaning and do not carry any messages. Tattoos are simply art. Over the course of five years, the tattoo fan invested more than fifty thousand US dollars in the process of applying the drawings.

When giving advice to tattoo aficionados, Weigelt advises choosing designs that speak to them personally.

The man’s transformation is amazing. Have you thought about getting a tattoo all over your body?

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