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Since she started dating the health-conscious musician Harry Styles, Olivia’s metamorphosis has piqued interest. Photographers now take pictures of her every time she goes to the gym, displaying her flawless body. Olivia was always in excellent physical condition, but because of Styles’ influence, her commitment to exercise has reached new heights, giving her a useful and long-lasting habit.
Olivia didn’t take long to find love again after her 2020 divorce from comedian Jason Sudeikis. In a matter of only a few months, she started dating Harry Styles, the millions’ favorite.

Styles’ admirers were shocked to learn that Olivia was his new love interest, especially considering that she is a mother of two and has been dating for ten years. These distinctions did not stop the couple, though, as Olivia soon proved to be Styles’ perfect match. Harry and Olivia had a nearly two-year romance during which they frequently enjoyed each other’s presence. They surprised many who had never envisioned them together by continuing to have a strong friendship even after their breakup. Oddly, since their breakup, neither Olivia nor Harry have been romantically connected to anyone else.

Olivia withdrew from the public glare following their split, except for her gym visits, which have become a defining feature of her schedule. Olivia’s dedication to fitness has increased since her relationship with Harry, even if it was always a part of her life before.

Olivia was recently seen taking a stroll while wearing a skimpy blouse that emphasized her large breasts and simple tights. Olivia takes her exercise seriously, as seen by the fact that she uses the mirror as a strong source of motivation.

Beyond her physical changes, Olivia’s admirers have seen a renewed brightness about her, with many pointing out that she now appears to smile more frequently.
Her commitment to fitness affects her emotionally and physically as well.

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