😓«Iman and David Bowie’s Heartfelt Love Story, Even Death Could Not Separate Them, will make you cry!»💔

The flamboyant rock artist David Bowie and the gorgeous supermodel Iman were destined to meet and never be apart.
Despite being extensively publicized, their relationship remained veiled in secrecy as they preferred to keep their private lives hidden from prying eyes.

They set off on a voyage that would endure for 24 years until Bowie passed away when they first met in 1992.

Iman supported her husband unconditionally at his most trying times, standing by him throughout their time together. Bowie showed her the qualities of a genuine gentleman in return, returning her love and devotion.

Theirs was an exemplary partnership, admired for its harmony and durability. The couple’s few public outings were always sure to draw a lot of attention.

Even if their long-lasting friendship’s mystery is still unsolved, their obvious joy from the beginning to the end says volumes. Real love is not something that can be faked.

Iman has made it clear that she has no plans to be married again, reaffirming her steadfast devotion to her husband’s memory.

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