😮«Anyone may now fall asleep like a baby in only a few seconds thanks to the doctor’s secret!»

English doctor Dr. Karan Raj recently provided insightful advice on how to get beyond sleeplessness, a problem that many people have after a demanding workday. His suggestions, which are summarized in the 10-3-2-1 technique, provide a doable way to guarantee a good night’s sleep.

In contrast to conventional methods that require counting sheep or striking particular positions, this approach is based on human physiology.

This is the summary: Cut off any caffeine at least ten hours before bedtime.
Eat nothing for three hours before going to bed. Give yourself two hours before bed to do any work-related tasks.

The last hour before going to bed should be spent without electronics to prevent exposure to stimulating media, such as news or videos.

Dr. Raj’s explanation went viral on TikTok, receiving over 100,000 views in a single day.

According to user comments, nevertheless, a lot of people find it difficult to give up their cherished coffee or nighttime entertainment routines.

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