A single woman bought a shabby apartment and remodeled it for herself. It turned out just gorgeous

A single woman took on the challenge of buying a shabby apartment and transformed it into a stunning living space. She turned the run-down property into a gorgeous home.

A woman bought an apartment in a quiet area of ​​the city. Having selected this property from a variety of options, it was ready for renovation as the interior was in poor condition.

Due to frequent business trips, she decided to entrust the renovation to a professional designer, with whom she previously discussed the details of the future design.

Spacious entrance area of ​​6.4 square meters. m is decorated in light shades. The walls are painted in a light palette, and porcelain tiles imitating marble are laid on the floor. There is built-in storage at the entrance with seating and hangers. Opposite the entrance there is a dressing room.
Refusing to combine the kitchen and living room, the owner designed the kitchen separately. The floor also has marbled porcelain tiles. The kitchen set is located along one wall, made in light colors, with part of the glass facades.

Opposite the suite there is a dining area with comfortable chairs.

Adjacent to the kitchen is a loggia with seating and additional storage.

Living room
The floor in the living room is covered with engineered wood. The walls are painted and decorated with moldings. To the left of the entrance there is a system of shelving where books and dishes are stored.

Opposite the TV there is a cozy sofa corner with an emerald armchair and a pouf.

Bathroom and toilet
The bathroom and toilet are furnished separately, which is considered more convenient. The decor combines porcelain stoneware and moisture-resistant paint.

The bathroom retained a full-size bathtub and installed a washing machine opposite the sink.

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