«Even After 50 Years, Everyone Still Knows Their Songs: 😳How Do the Members of ABBA Look Now?»😲

Throughout its history, ABBA has gathered an enormous following of loyal fans all over the world, winning their love and leaving a lasting impression on listeners. The members of the group are still well-known in the music industry, even though it has been 50 years since the group’s founding.

Agnetha Fältskog

It’s amazing to think that Agnetha Fältskog, the endearing blonde, is 73 years old. She still exudes charm with her radiant eyes and seductive grin. Agnetha never ceases to amaze her admirers, even at her advanced age. She is no longer involved in the entertainment industry, nevertheless. Fältskog last made a significant appearance when the venerable quartet got back together to create new music in 2018. The once-iconic singer has difficulties in her personal life. For a while, she was married to her bandmate Björn Ulvaeus, but their marriage collapsed after nine years, despite the couple having two children. Agnetha later got remarried and married Thomas Sonnenfeld, a surgeon. But this marriage, too, disintegrated after three years.

Björn Ulvaeus

Nobody is spared by time. The most cheerful soloist from ABBA in the past, Björn Ulvaeus, is now 78 years old. His name is no longer well-known in entertainment circles, and he has removed himself from the music business. Ulvaeus, who lives in Stockholm with his second wife, the journalist Lena Kalersio, is happy in his family life.

Benny Andersson

At seventy-seven, Benny Andersson is just one year younger than his colleague Björn. In addition to his work with ABBA, he is well known for his film soundtrack compositions. The composer currently has a peaceful life with his family. Interestingly, two of Andersson’s three children have pursued similar careers, bringing him joy with their musical prowess.

Anni-Frid Lyngstad

At eighty-eight years old, Anni-Frid Lyngstad is still lovely. She decided to give up her musical career, and as a result, she is no longer involved in the entertainment industry. Her life is full of interest and wealth; she has finally discovered true happiness after two failed marriages, one of which was to Benny Andersson. The singer became a princess after marrying her friend, Swiss Prince Heinrich Ruzzo Reiss von Plauen, in 1992. But her spouse unexpectedly died of cancer seven years later. Lyngstad is currently a resident in Switzerland, where he is deeply involved in environmental advocacy and humanitarian work.

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